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Shijiazhuang Minerals Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional Slurry Pump supplier in China. We are engaged in the manufacturing and producing of heavy duty and severe duty slurry pumps and spare parts.
Being manufactured at the highest standards, our pumps can guarantee longer service life, higher performance, easier operation and maintenance. They are widely used in mining, mineral processing, tailings disposal, dredging, construction, metallurgy, power plants, sewage water treatment, as well as chemical and petroleum industry.
With decades of development, we have built a complete system of slurry pump design, selection, application and maintenance. We devote ourselves to offering the solutions of slurry pump application for customers from all over the world. Our team consists of a global pool of highly dedicated people working closely together to ensure our customers'success.
Shijiazhuang Minerals Equipment Co., Ltd.


09 Jun  2023

What is the difference between centrifugal slurry pump and slurry pump?

Slurry pump belongs to one kind of centrifugal pump. The working principle of the slurry pump is to use the centrifugal force running up the impeller to achieve the slurry transport
05 Jun  2023

The horizontal wear-resistant slurry pump mainly has the following performance characteristics

The horizontal wear-resistant slurry pump refers to a kind of machinery that increases the energy of the solid-liquid mixed medium through the action of centrifugal force (rotation of the impeller
18 May  2023

The 2024 Russian Mining Show has been booked

The 2024 Russian Mining Show has been booked. If you want to attend the show, please email us.​